Saturday, 13 June 2015

Friday 12th June - National Kindness Day

This has been quite a hefty week of teaching. It's probably the first week since the beginning of May when I have taught every lesson in my timetable (apart from one piano lesson on Friday evening). Thinking about it, I have taught extra lessons this week because of the various music exams looming on the near horizon.

Friday was full-on, with extra lessons in the morning and then a hectic afternoon getting three classes of year 6 children to play "Frere Jacques" on boomwhackers,

At the end of the day I was standing in the classroom trying to summon the energy for the next task - replacing the ten tables I had stacked to the side at the beginning of the afternoon, and setting 30 chairs back in their places.

A pupil from another class appeared with this:

It's a Thank You card, with a lovely long letter inside thanking me for teaching her to play the recorder. Today is National Kindness Day, and the children in her class were asked to choose someone who had helped them, and make them a thank-you card. She chose me!What a lovely present; made all the difference.

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