Sunday, 14 June 2015

Saturday 13th June - Gardening, The Feature, Bathroom (updated)

To-do list

The Double Glazing Saga is complete, so we called in to pay the final invoice. We are very pleased with the windows and doors. Well worth the wait.

He is in the process of installing a doorbell.  This is a multi-phase operation. So far we have a suitable hole drilled through from the inside to the outside of the brickwork along-side the door.

We have just placed the order for a proper, legible, plaque with the house number.

We've been to the garden centre and bought more pebbles. He's even added them to the feature, and we are trying out different arrangements of half-barrels.

We've bought some plants to go in them.

I eyed up a gorilla, but decided not to buy him yet,

to go with the trio of frogs

that I suspect may be coming our way.

We've tried out different arrangements to deal with a potential hazard, where the workmen laying the patio lifted a corner of the slab that the old garage was built on. This is how it looks now; for the moment;

AND we've visited the last, and probably the best, of half-a-dozen bathroom showrooms. I'm tempted by this basin;

and this bath is a possibility

After all that, I went for a lie-down.

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  1. I've since heard that the frogs are called Pierre, Etienne and Jacques.