Monday 15 June 2015

Monday 15th June - Featuring - "The Feature!"

We've finally nearly sort of finished The Feature.

We've planted the shrubs and bedding plants that we bought on Saturday, and we are both very pleased with the results.

My parents came round for lunch a couple of weekends ago, when The Feature looked like this;

This is the top on of our back garden now;

Pebbles and pots in place, planted up with various shrubs and some bedding plants. Wild strawberries in the foreground, some kind of grassy thing that seems to have arrived under its own steam, and on the right our small water garden/pond effect bowl.

Some pots and "the coffin", an over-size storage bench thingy that came from my parent's garden. It acts as a boundary between the drive and the garden, and also prevents people from tripping over the lifted corner of the concrete slab that the garage stood on.

View of the back of the house, taken from the concrete slab. Some of the pots around the back door are for herbs; bay, parsley, rosemary and mint have survived so far.

In the jungly corner near the patio door are a couple of concrete statues brought all the way over from Bali. 

Take it from the cat - they are really quite benign, in spite of appearances.

Leo is recovering from having "lost her squeak". I'm not sure what caused this, but for a few days (after a series of peace-shattering yowling contests with the local feline visitors to the garden) she was silent. She could walk up, open her mouth to miaow, but no sound emerged.  These were followed by a day or so of hoarse miaows, and now she can make a bit of a squeak.

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