Tuesday 16 June 2015

Tuesday 16th June - Reading (books, not the town)

At school I used to read a whole book every day - on the coach to school, breaks and lunchtimes, on the coach home, in bed at night.

No, I didn't use a torch under the bed clothes. I used the crack of light slipping through the bedroom door hinge, slicing across the carpet from the landing light. Or, more risky, sitting on the loo in relative comfort and full light. If my brother hadn't got there first. You had to stay alert; if you heard anyone downstairs, the trick was to pull the light cord just enough to make the light go off, but not enough to actually switch it off, as the resultant "click" would be heard and you would be caught.

Recently, after a period of hardly reading anything much at all - well compared to how much I used to read - I've started spending more time with books.

This caught my eye in a bookshop when we were in Canterbury last month, and I've loaded it on to my kindle (but not started it yet). It appears to be an amusing account of books read over the year by someone (who?) called Andy Miller.

It has inspired me to start keeping a list of books I've read. I'm going to back-date the project to the beginning of June. And, knowing me, probably abandon it somewhere around the middle of July. We shall see.

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