Tuesday 9 June 2015

Tuesday 9th June - The Feature

This was what we had a couple of days ago......

Today, he started digging out the edge. With a trowel, as the ground was too hard-packed and stony for a spade.  

I wish I'd managed to get a picture of Leo the cat carefully walking round the finished channel as though is was a path especially made for her. Maybe it's just as well that I didn't, considering what she did when she reached the end!

We have a table for each cat to take a view from. Here's Leo

and, behind all the barrels, there's McCavity.

The plan is to put a weed-inhibiting membrane on the bare patch of earth, and fix edging around the border with the "lawn" (scraggy grass is a closer description), before covering it with a layer of pebbles, and then a selection of patio pots and flower barrels planted up in a tasteful manner.  

That's the plan, anyway. Meanwhile our friends (you know who you are!) are keeping us supplied with a selection of "adornments" ranging from solar-powered "pebbles" to weird and wonderful water features. I'm partial to the idea of a couple of strings of colour-changing solar fairy-angel-flower lights, myself. I reckon they are in keeping with the white plastic roses stuck into a planter in a previous picture...     

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