Monday 3 August 2015

Monday 3rd August - The comfortable cat

This cat and I have been at war for several months now.

It really doesn't matter what arrangements I make for my own comfort - she assumes I've done it for her.

MY footstool (because the cat wanted the other half ov my settee all the time so I couldn't curl up properly)

This is the settee I am talking about - and this is the one and only time when both cats were able to occupy the same piece of furniture without scrapping with each other.

My latest patchwork quilt, made using on old fleece cot blanket, for keeping ME warm in the evening.

MY new bag

Today she has taken over MY nice soft cushion that I use when I'm working at the dining room table.

Son't be fooled by that sweet, cuddly, fluffy expression. It actually means "I got here first and here I'm going to stay". Any attempt at discussion will be met with indignant miaows and possibly teeth and claws (which will rapidly escalate into a trial of size and strength. I WILL win and the cat WILL sulk)

The other cat, however, prefers her proper cat bed above all places when she is downstairs.

Putting it on the bottom shelf of the new trolley has only improved its cat-appeal, as she can leap out and attack anything coming in through the cat-flap (meaning her sister, the fluffy cat), like some fierce predatory creature;

However, upstairs, it's another story; that's MY quilt on MY bed.

What's more, she won't allow the fluffy cat upstairs. There's usually a ruck when fluffy cat attempts to sleep on the hot pipes under the floor in the bathroom.

Well, I'm getting a numb bum sitting on this hard chair, so I'm off to make a cup of tea and a second breakfast.

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