Friday 20 November 2015

Friday 20th November - Who is this looking at me?

Had a hair cut this morning; it's been on the to-do list for about a month. There's that point when it goes from being a bit on the long side to a crazy uncontrolled frizz.

That point was reached about a fortnight ago.

Komondor "The Mop" Dog

So, hair-cut time had to happen.
Afghan Hound

I think it is looking better; I'm not sure, because the hairdresser went to considerable effort to blow-dry it all smooth and neat, like a sort of helmet. Every time I catch sight of myself it is a bit of a shock.

I'm just off to wash it again (I washed it this morning!) so that it can resume it's normal wayward liveliness, and I can feel more at home with myself again.

Something like this?

Polish Buff Laced Chicken

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