Friday, 18 December 2015

Friday 18th December - Sit rep 18

Blog posts with this title concern my mother's current situation. Family and friends will know more of the background and context, and this is primarily for them.

Today my father visited with a friend, on the way to play bridge at the club they used to go to frequently before my mother had her stroke. He's just started going again recently - with my mother's blessing, I should add. It was the Bridge Club's Christmas Party - good timing!

My mother was as usual; it was a normal visit. Oh, I should mention - the speech therapist took in some samples of the "Resource Thicken-up", an alternative to the starch-based thickener they have been using. It seems to be much more palatable, so he has ordered some more tubs of it to be delivered soon, hopefully before Christmas.

I reckon I'll keep going with a "daily bulletin" until Christmas, and then, provided that things remain as they are, perhaps post less frequently. See how it goes. Take it  one day at a time...

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