Thursday, 17 December 2015

Thursday 17th December - Advent 17

A long day - early train to London for a routine check up*. This went well - there's no change to my status which is always good news.

Irrelevant picture taken ages ago on Hayling Island
but thought it would illustrate idea of Good News 
I started a course of antibiotics on Monday as I was concerned that I could be beginning a chest infection; but when they "had a listen" they reported "no wheezing" so it looks as though I may have nipped it in the bud. (It reminded me of an occasion last year when I went to the GP to check if my chest was clear - he reported that I had an "inspirational wheeze" which I found very amusing... - took him a while to understand why I was so delighted by the phrase)

We pootled about Covent Garden for a while, and then made it home in spite of the rail chaos caused by a broken train at Clapham Junction.

*I've an auto-immune condition which means, amongst other things, that my lungs aren't all they should be. This makes me prone to chest infections, which are to be avoided as they could cause a "flare-up". I'm fortunate though, because it all seems to have been reasonably stable for the last couple of years, so my 6-monthly check-ups are now back to annual visits - "happy-face"! 

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