Monday 21 December 2015

Monday 21st December - Advent 21

Today started with a rainbow! Well, to be truthful, with rain. Then a rainbow.

I dashed out to take some pictures, and while I was at it, nipped down to the bottom of the garden to take a picture of the snowdrops. They always come out in time for Christmas.

This mild weather has been fooling everyone. It's not as warm as it looks, and nightdress, dressing gown and bare feet were not sufficient clothing for the photographic excursion.

The morning was taken up with a visit to my mother in the Nursing Home. After lunch we went round John Lewis and Waitrose - what else do you do on a dull, grey, rainy day. Especially the shortest day? We got all the Christmas Food shopping done in one swoop, dodging hyperactive little girls practicing their "Strictly Come Dancing" moves, and tracking back and forth as I remembered mustard, added extra wrapping paper (three for two! - yes, and that's how I ended up with too many Christmas Cards), pondering the merits of Cranberry Sauce, Essential Cranberry Sauce, Cranberry Jelly and another half dozen variations

Just glad to get home.

I'm a bit behind with the tea drinking. I had Ginger Bread Green Tea and it was surprisingly good. I let my husband have the Simply Sencha Green Tea. "Nice, gentle, slightly sweet". 

In the midst of tea making, we had the Advent Candle Incident; I lit the candle as usual, and it suddenly flared up with a four-inch high flame (10 cm if you insist) and burned from 21 to 24 in a few seconds. I know I complain the days pass too quickly in the finally run-up to Christmas but that was ridiculous. So I've made a new one - no, really, please, no applause or admiration is necessary. It's just a candle, and judicious application of various coloured marker pens.

The last candle had been rather whizzing through the numbers when I lit it, the last few days. This one is taking a respectable amount of time to burn. Christmas is now approaching at a steadier pace.

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