Saturday, 26 December 2015

Saturday 26th December - Sit Rep / Family Life

The first dandelion of December (in my garden)

I'm renaming the posts about my mother from now on. At one stage we were unsure that we would all reach Christmas together! "Sit-rep" just doesn't seem to be the right phrase any more.

She's still not as well as she was before this all blew up, back in the middle of November. She still needs nursing at the Nursing Home rather than at home. We're still concerned for her health, and for the future.

However she's eating and drinking more than previously (although not enough), the different thickener for her drinks is more acceptable, and we have enjoyed some fun times together over the past week.

One innovation is that the camera she gave my father for Christmas is proving to be a bit of a good thing. He is able to show her the pictures that he takes on her television, which is a great way of bringing the outside world into her room. In theory, he can take pictures at the bridge Club on a Friday afternoon, and show them to her later that day on his way home!

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