Sunday 13 December 2015

Sunday 13th December - Advent 13

 To Much To Do

I've enjoyed every tea out of the Advent Tea-Calendar so far, but I had my doubts about chai-latte.
(I'm just boasting by photographing it against last week's to-do list; as you can see I've managed to get through nearly every item except a few like dusting, hovering, sweeping...)

Here's how this coming week was looking before I brewed the tea

And here's how it looked by the time the tea was ready to drink.

I regret to say that both the tea and the to-do list proved equally indigestible. Toooo much To Do, and Toooo much spice and such-like in the tea. There's not much I can do about the list, but I did abandon the tea and make a fresh, normal cup.

I've just about finished the school teaching, so now it's time to turn my attention to Christmas.

Turkey, ham, sausages, gravy, bread sauce, cranberry sauce, potatoes, sprouts, red cabbage, roast carrots. Christmas pudding, mince pies, jam tarts, apple pies (family tradition), cream, brandy butter.
Cheese, stolen, Christmas cake, chocolate Yule log, pannetone.
Christmas cards, Christmas presents, last posting dates.
That's all going on the next page.

I've been keeping a written journal as well as this blog, writing up every day before I go to sleep - well usually everyday. I've discovered the hard way that if I leave to long before I write up the journal, I can hardly remember what happened more than two days ago. Sometimes I look at the entries for this time last year. Last December was taken up with planning my parent's move from one flat to another.

I think June was a fairly quiet month this year...  I'd have to have a look in the journal.

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