Wednesday 2 December 2015

Wednesday December 2nd - Sit-Rep

Blog posts with this title concern my mother's current situation. Family and friends will know more of the background and context, and this is primarily for them

You have to bear in mind that these are my own thoughts about the day - other members of my family may well have seen things differently, or would have chosen their own way of describing events....

Today has been a bit "full-on". However the high spot has been my father's telephone call this evening;

He, and a friend, visited my mother today. They were disconcerted to find her room empty....

however this was for the best of reasons. She has felt well enough to be taken down in her electric wheelchair to sit in the lounge and conservatory with the other residents. Apparently she even joined them in the dining room for her (pureed) lunch.

Later in the afternoon she had quite a lot more soup than yesterday, and was altogether brighter and livelier. The move to the nursing home has made her life so much more comfortable; the environment is calm and reassuring, being in the company of other people is so important.

The doctor has visited, and prescribed antibiotics for a lung infection.

Like I said - day by day, one at a time. I'm planning to visit tomorrow morning before work. I 'll let you know...

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