Thursday, 3 December 2015

Thursday 3th December - Advent Calendar 3 (make sure you have sound ON)

Brecklands Dawn Chorus - Birdsong Radio

Did you know that the dawn chorus is just beginning at 5:15 am? That's not the kind of news I would wish anyone to discover by experience unless they had chosen to.

I opened the front door (in my dressing gown) to see who else up and down the street was awake. No-one.

Did you know that if you miss-place the space when you write "That's not" you get "That' snot" which is quite appropriate if you have a cold? Neither did I until I did it just now. (And I don't have a cold at the moment).

Luckily I spotted the typo in time, but it was too good not to share so I did it again.

Oh yes. Advent. Calendars. That's the title.

Green Tea today in the little drawer. I shall look forward to that at some stage today. I drank most of yesterday's Afternoon Tea at lunchtime, and the rest, rather on the luke side of warm after an overly energetic music lesson with the Reception children. "Feeling the beat - moving in time to the music". Why do they all prefer to bounce like kangaroos all the time? I managed to get away with just pretending to bounce; sort of bobbing up and down with a sort of enthusiastic smile. Clapping is so much easier. This afternoon I'm looking to a nice sit-down while I watch the school Christmas Show (and keep an a eye on the children - my "Number 1 Glare" usually stops any misbehaviour pretty quickly).   

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