Friday 22 January 2016

Friday 22nd January - Crazy crazy week

Oh Yeah!

You'll know from the previous post that it's been a hard week family-wise. I hated seeing my mother so "uncomfortable" - I think that's the usual euphemism - on Sunday. The cramps have eased thank God, but she's now properly unwell at the moment.

As the week progressed I became steadily more distracted - on Tuesday I taught the poor little cherubicocarina players how to read the ock-boxes (a form of schematic notation) up-side down "let's move on now to something else!" sez I glibly when I realised what I was doing.
How it OUGHT to have been done

On Wednesday I discovered that I had no idea how the samba hip-hop rhythms fitted together and just couldn't get the tamborim rhythm straight in my head at all. Probably because it isn't a straight rhythm but heavily syncopated. The children gamely tried to follow me - but - hey - I was lost!

Pre-record attempt entertainment
what my class SHOULD have looked like

On Thursday morning I just managed to catch myself  in time before I irrevocably chose the wrong turning, which would have taken me to the wrong school - haven't done that for quite a while now. In the afternoon I couldn't remember whether I was supposed to be teaching the children "Part A" or "Part B" for their music festival songs - they cheerfully rioted in the background while I wrangled the words and the music and then decided to just do something else instead.

Year 6 Singing lesson?

On Friday morning - that's today - I've thrown in the towel, emailed and telephoned all the Friday and Saturday schools, and all my line managers (three of them). Much, much safer for the schools, the children, and anyone who might have encountered me thrashing up and down the dual carriageway. 

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