Saturday 23 January 2016

Saturday 23rd January - Family

There is no easy way to write this -

Yesterday my husband took my father to visit my mother in the morning, and then took me again in the afternoon. My mother was asleep all the time, but maybe she was able to hear us? Who can tell. We took away the sad cyclamens and replaced them with fresh daffodil bulbs.

Last night I read the compline service to myself, as I often do, before turning out the light and going to sleep, and one of the prayers goes

"May the Lord Almighty grant me and those I love a peaceful night and a perfect end."

Well, whether you believe in the Lord Almighty or not, my mother did have a peaceful night, and, as far as we can tell, a perfect end. We were phoned by the nursing home at 9am to let us know that my mother had died quietly in her sleep, with no sign of disturbance and only a very short time before they had gone in to see if she would wake.

I think my main emotion at the moment is a sense of relief, as well as sadness. She had worked so hard, ever since her stroke, to make the very best of all things in all circumstances. Of course we shall all miss her sorely, but I'm glad that she can now rest. In peace.

(the tallest daffodil bud was just coming into flower this morning)

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