Monday 28 March 2016

30th October 2015 - Winning the Nobel Prize

I discovered this post in drafts! Did I ever post it? If not, here it is!

BB, No1Son and I all received ours in the same afternoon.

This was after an enjoyable couple of hours playing the "Satyrical Home-Made Machines"


which can be found at near Holburn at

I strongly recommend a visit. Entrance is free, but you will want to buy lots and lots of tokens. I suspect part of the cost of the tokens is to pay for all the ones taken away as souvenirs (like this one);

We were awarded the Nobel Prize for our success with the New Hadron Collider.

 And our medals were minted in front of our eyes; individually stamped to order on shiny silver paper.

I also recommend the "Expressive Photo Booth. I won't publish our results here, but am sorely tempted to use them as a seriously tasteless Christmas Card.

Here's where you should be heading as soon as you can;

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