Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Wednesday 6th April - My Mother - photographs

I have over 1000 photographs on my phone at the moment, which is ridiculous.

This post is about my mother, just warning you. Have a tissue ready if you need one.

Some of them are unbearably precious, so one of this week's tasks is to transfer the important ones to the computer, save a few important ones on my phone, and delete the rest.

It's a fairly quick process - create the subject folder on the PC, select the photographs on the phone and click my way through the menus until they all magically appear on the PC screen.

Except - except - I have the pictures of my mother, taken during her last stay in hospital, taken in the Nursing Home, taken at Christmas, taken the afternoon before she died, taken after death...

You may think it was "bad taste" to take pictures of her, so still, just hours after she died... but I'm glad I did - various close family members weren't there, couldn't be there for a while afterwards, and she looks so peaceful, unruffled -  and gone. I think they were glad to see that she looked - well - all right.

Hey, don't think I'm sad, grief-stricken, cast into depths. I did my grieving over the last three-four years. I've also got pictures of her from our Wedding Day, nearly 30 years ago. My word, but she was pretty. Glamorous. Beautiful. Vivacious. I'll keep a few of those on my phone. I salute the courageous, lively, determined character she was in her last years, and indeed all through her life.

But if you have important, irreplaceable photographs on your phone, DO SOMETHING now, before it's too late...

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