Wednesday 2 November 2016

Wednesday 2nd November - Autumn

Unfortunately I didn't have time to stop and take any pictures today...

But it has been a joy to drive along the lanes in the sunshine through drifts of fallen beech leaves.

We were lucky enough to catch the end of the "Fall Colour" in Canada:

This photograph was taken just outside the town of Niagara, where the river is becoming calmer after the whirlpool just upstream. We had spent the day doing... err, I'd have to go back to my diary. I think it was the day when we went to the Ravine Winery for lunch (excellent) and wine-tasting and views,

Sand & Gravel Chardonnay   Ravine Vineyard Cabernet Rose 

and then dropped in to Niagara-on-the-Lake for a look around the town and to buy cheese and fudge, and finally home via Niagara, following the course of the river until we turned off to go back home. That was a memorable day.

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