Saturday 10 December 2016

Saturday 10th December - another week flown by

Last week was full-on, this week will be the same.

I've two keyboard end-of-term presentations to do this morning, and then the weekend can start. No, hang on, I've got to zap out a slew of emails to all the parents sending out invoices and informing them of next term's start date!

Having burned two days of the Advent candle by mistake, we are now a day behind - I reckon both those occurrences indicate how the weeks before Christmas overflow with end-of term work.

Next week I shall be spending every spare moment sorting out the percussion band for a school nativity. I'm beginning to evolve a plan for how to contain 17 children, four cymbals, two dozen chime bars, and a further selection of tambourines, boomwhackers, bells and woodblocks in the miniscule choir stalls of the little country church we will be in. There are also three flutes, a saxophone, a clarinet and three djembes to consider. I'll have a clearer idea of where to put the keyboard I'll be playing, (unless I hijack the church organ, or maybe there is a piano somewhere - who knows?). I'll see the church properly on Monday afternoon, and maybe by Friday morning all will be perfectly under control. At least I'm not in change of managing the infant, stars, sheep, shepherds, kings etc as they twirl around the church at appropriate, or not, moments.

Toodle oodle for now - time to get dressed and go.

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