Sunday 11 December 2016

Sunday 11th December - Christmassy Sunday

I drove to church this morning through a misty frost. I was looking round the congregation with admiration; 9am in the morning, and here we all were, average age maybe sixty, maybe seventy? I reckon fewer than 10 people were younger than me, but we'd all made it, up, dressed, presentable and making a brave effort at singing the Advent Candle Lighting song, to the tune of As With Gladness Men Of Old in A major in the chilly early morning. I must let the other organists know that there's a version in G major in the blue hymn book!

We are up to the third candle, which in many churches (but not ours) is pink for Joy, because today is Gaudete Sunday. This is an example from wikipedia. I have made one for home, but not got round to lighting any candles. I think I may save it until I finally manage to clear the dining room table.

We must have been doing something right, because by the time I got home at 10:30, the sun had nearly finished burning through the mist. I didn't stop the engine, but waited until BB fetched his coat, and got into the passenger seat and we zoomed into town, beating the crowds who were still having breakfast.


I got to spend time in the wool shop (but didn't buy any this time). Then we had lunch in town, bought presents for various members of the family, browsed in the bookshop, and came home in time for a welcome cup of Advent Calendar Tea (Assam)

A bit more Christmassing has happened here at home: the Advent Calendar I sewed oh so many years ago is up now;

The baubles are in the pockets, to be hung on the tree every day.
We've also added tinsel and the star to the real Christmas Tree. I'm enjoying decorating it slowly, instead of all in one go.

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