Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Tuesday 13th December - Remembering this time last year

This season of the year is full of happy things and busy things and hassling things and preparation things... Our Christmas Tree, Christmas Shopping, Advent Calendars (yes, I have FOUR this year ), the Advent Candle

This year's candle

Last Year's Candle

This season of the year is also tinged with a little sadness; Last year I prefaced blog posts about my mother with a photograph of the Advent Candle

The white bear that arrived from Canada in December last year, to watch me put up the tree, and to provide hugs when I needed them.

This year's Christmas Cactus - in flower far too early!

A Christmas Cactus plant in flower will always have extra memories for me now. This is the one I bought for my mother when she was in the Nursing Home. It has already finished flowering this year, ;

Last year's plant

And here's my original one, photographed in full flower this time last year.

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