Thursday 20 April 2017

Daily List Monday 20th April - Morning

1.Not that piece of music by Grieg. Of all the pieces in the Peer Gynt Suite, that is not my favourite.

2.New day, new start,new beginnings (cliche, cliche, cliche)

3.Darkness to light. Unless is it winter. Or horrible weather. Or too early insome other way, like being awake at 2am

4.Dawn Chorus - at York University it was more a case of "Those dratted ducks" than "Oooh, lovely dawn chorus". On Easter Sunday, the owls were hooting as we made our way to the meeting place for the dawn service. If you have clicked on the link, you will hear what I am using as a starting point for class music on 11th May.

illustration from

5.Croissants, and fresh, real coffee. Or muesli, if it is an ordinary day. (I tend to reserve "Full English Breakfasts" for lunch or High Tea).

6.Looking at the weather - a Very British Thing. Other countries don't have Weather - it is the same every day of the season.

7.The moon, pale, looking transparent in a pale blue morning sky (I know it isn't - how can anything made of cheese be transparent)

8.The way the colours in the sky change - from inky blue to gold to pale. How colours slowly appear in the view.

9.Golden light creeping into the room

10.Saying "Good morning" to people, with affection and good intent.

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