Wednesday 19 April 2017

Daily List Wednesday 19th April - Counting

It's a bit of a cheat, calling this a daily list. The Official Daily List is in a notebook by my bed. This is the copy, (unless I have done it here on the blog first, in which case it is more of a prequel). Since I can't be bothered to go upstairs and get my notebook, this version is not exactly the same. But, if I hadn't said, how could you tell?


1.Easter Eggs. Too many to admit to, especially if I was just counting the ones that I have eaten. I keep trying to get him to eat more, so that there were fewer for me.

2.Coins. I love counting money, which is probably why I have different piggy-banks here and there. There is an old cider bottle in the corner. It used to collect sixpences, then halfpennies, and now 5p pieces. I spent an entire Sunday School lesson tipping out the 5p pieces and letting the children count them, share them out (while making it clear that I was not GIVING the money to them!). We did, in the end, decide upon 5 charities to share them with, resulting in some surprised representatives receiving bags of 5p pieces.

3.Feynman was curious to know whether people "saw" the numbers when they were counting in their head, or "heard" them. He just had that kind of curiosity.

4.Counting stitches and counting rows. It's what you do when you knit. Over and over again. My godmother, who has lived in England since 1950-something still counts her stitches in her native Finnish.

5.Counting pills. It's one way of making sure I have dealt out the right ones for morning and evening. Blue, pink, white, grey, yellow, shiny, chalky, large, small, round, capsule-shaped... until they change the supplier and the big yellow one becomes a small green one. Why? My top drawer looks like a mini-pharmacy. If I grow rich I will employ a PA to keep track of when I need to put in repeat prescription requests.

6.Counting little tokens; we play lots of board games when we are all together. Who's got the longest road? How much trouble is there on the board? How many victory points has he got?

7.How many seedlings have come up? How many have been eaten by slugs?

8.Sudoku is a bit of a "thing"; I like the "killer sudoku" games best. 7+8 or 6+9 = 15. 1+2+4=7. 6+8+9=23. I know these, and too many other combinations too well. Just a grid or so before bedtime.

9.Four. The number of days left of the Easter Holidays before term begins

10.Twenty-three. The number of days before I have to commit to the music exam entries. It's a bit nerve wracking, deciding on the 12th May who will be ready to take their exam on or after 12th June.

Yan, tan tethera. Did you know there's a wikipedia site for counting sheep?

And did you notice I haven't counted my "blessings"? It's one thing to do that on a regular basis but Quite Another to do that out loud.You might miss someone important out by accident and then what would happen?

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