Saturday 28 October 2017

Friday 27th October - Half Term (2)

We have been out and about this week.

Sunday - about 10,000 steps

was a day in London. We caught a number 38 bus from Victoria, alighted (posh word!) near the British Museum but avoided the hordes of school children who were sure to be there by walking along to Lambs Conduit street, home of "Persephone Books", one of my favourite shops. We didn't stay long as we had no intention of buying a book to lug around London for the rest of the day. I just wanted to savour the piles of books heaped everywhere around the shop.

We had lunch in the cafe at The Foundling Museum, another great place to visit.

Onwards, getting ever-closer to our intended destination, but pausing at The British Library. They have a Harry Potter Exhibition at the moment,

Harry Potter: A History of Magic exhibition at the British Library, Fri 20 Oct 2017 – Wed 28 Feb 2018

but we were short of time, so just spent a while browsing the main free exhibition. I was delighted by the music scores on display, including the manuscript of "Sumer is a-cumin in",

Sumer Is Icumen In, f.11v

Beethoven, Mozart and Bach, hand-written by the composers, and a Richard Rodney Bennet film score.

Thence (another posh word) to St Pancras station, to meet my father, returning from a Rhine Cruise. We hurtled back to Victoria in a taxi, caught the next train home and were joined by my brother and his family for a fish and chip supper later that evening. All very satisfactory!

Monday - about 300 steps

was the duvet day I'd been promising myself for several weeks. It was interrupted at 9am by the surprise arrival of a piano pupil - half term doesn't always register with people who have no connection to school life! I was wake, but still in bed, but threw some clothes on, brushed my hair and taught her lesson. I know she suspected something. I might have gotten away with it, if I hadn't made the same mistake the previous week. 

Tuesday -  about 4,000 steps

was a day for running errands. Things like paying in cheques, buying a few bits and pieces in town, various odd jobs. I did most of my lesson planning for next half of term.

Wednesday - about 7,000 steps

What a beautiful day! We didn't want to stay in again, but also neither of us felt very energetic, so we set off for Chichester Marina. The idea was a mooch around the marina ("flat, made up paths - sounds perfect"), have lunch at the cafe/restaurant and just generally get some fresh air. Perfect choice. The sky was blue, the "plink-plink" of halliards against aluminium masts made a gentle accompaniment to the little wavelets brushing against the shingle shore...

Thursday - about 300 steps

A stay-at-home day. Apart from lunch at "The Frog and Nightgown". There is a circular walk from there, but while is wasn't exactly raining, the air and the ground was all so damp we just came home. I did go and meet with friends in the evening, as I try and do most Thursdays, and got quite a few more rows knitted on my latest jumper. This is an old picture of the completed front. I've done the sleeves, and am most of the way up the back now. But I'm going to have to pull out the front as I've decided I want to make it longer.

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