Thursday 26 October 2017

Thursday 26th October - Halfterm (1)

The first half of this term was long; just over seven weeks. The next half of this term will be the same, making it about fifteen weeks in all.

So what? I hear all non-school people say! Plenty of 'what', sez I. The children were all pale and crabby and tired in the last week, the teachers were zombified, everyone seemed to be afflicted by coughs, colds, sneezles and Worse (details too disgusting to share).

I think I shall remember the last half term as one in  which No Single Week ever ran according to the timetable. Indeed, several weeks were so shambolic that every day had some schedule-shuffling event.

I'm usually pretty tired by the time half term comes around; the effect of weeks and weeks of 'rising to the challenge' was noticeable this time!

So what do teachers do in all their holidays? I've attended a half day course on 'safeguarding' because I'm involved with children and vulnerable adults at church. I'm part way through a whole load of paperwork and processes to do with more child protection requirements at one of the many schools I work at. I've sent in admin forms for last term's work, and I've planned some of next term's lessons.

Still to do; more lesson planning, Christmas song selection, and maybe even some housework?

What am I doing now, right this minute?

Ah, well, don't tell anyone, but I've made a cup of coffee and gone back to bed for a lazy morning......`

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