Monday 16 October 2017

Monday 16th October - Tech Trials and writing letters

He's had a week or so of it, fixing everyone's computer problems.

Now he's got my woes to see to as well...

I'm having a problem with with Gmail not letting me choose which address and name-label I want on emails in the address boxes. I have tried, and tried, to delete defunct addresses from whoever "It" is that auto-completes things when I enter an address when I am creating an email, but "It" won't let me. 

As I understand things, (and I may well be wrong) the fix will involve clearing out ALL the addresses that gmail has clung onto for yonks and yonks. He's printed out a multi-page set of instructions from google and is waiting for a long period of undisturbed time in which to have a go. And another go. And do whatever it takes to get it all sorted out. He's known for persistance in hunting down solutions to problems.

Hey ho. Computers. Pen and Ink was so much simpler.

But then, the last time I sent someone a card written with my fountain pen, the postman left it half in, half out, of the letterbox when he delivered it, and the message was entirely washed away by the rain before the recipient could read it. She said she enjoyed the picture on the front....  I use a biro now to write postcards.

And how about this Christmas card, postmarked December 2016, that came a couple of weeks ago?

Emails are more weatherproof, and tend not to take months to be delivered.

Here's something else that can't be sent by email. 

    Not sure if she could go parcel post either, come to think of it. (By the way, she didn't come via Amazon, just in case you were wondering)

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