Sunday 15 October 2017

Sunday 15th November - Duvet Days

On Tuesday I had a day off. I got ready for work, made a packed lunch, loaded the teaching bag with stuff and so on, and.... phoned in sick. Not that I was Very Ill - just kind of overcome. It's this cough and cold - it had kept me awake in the night - and it has been dragging on. I thought through the schedule - five piano lessons at one school, three class lessons at another school, four piano lessons back at home, and came to the conclusion that this was just Not Going To Happen.

On Friday, Leo-the-upstairs-cat had a a duvet day. The washed and ready-to-be-put-away duvets are on the spare bed, protected from the cats (as we thought) by being covered with surplus coat hangers. Like this

How determined is that! I reckon we are going to have to buy a baby-sized duvet for her. She SO loves sleeping in a duvet nest if she gets the chance. Now the clean fresh duvet is all furry again - vacuum cleaner to the rescue. Perhaps we should have just got round to putting it away properly.

Today, it is now 11:15 am and I am still in my dressing gown. I did get up at about 8; I might have made it to the 9am church service, and I definitely could have made it to the 10:30 (but I prefer the early-straight-through-the-little-red-prayer-book service and the later-let's-all sing-lots-of-samey-songs service is all loud and modern and I am getting more and more old-fashioned as I grow older and enter my second childhood).

So here I am, still dressed for sleepiness, but the better for two croissants and two cups of Real Coffee. Just got time for a mid-morning nap before lunch. 

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