Saturday 4 November 2017

Saturday 4th November - What?


We were both awake at the hideous time of 3 am this morning!

I suspect someone setting off on an early shift, and their car headlights sweeping across our window, in spite of the blackout lining on our curtains.

After a while we tried putting the radio on for  a while. A man's voice was speaking, something like this

"... yes, it was quite an experience. I hadn't expected it to be quite like that, and it took a while for me to feel settled in, you know, comfortable, in the circumstances, but I really felt that it was a valuable time and the project was really meaning full. All sorts of good things came of it in the end, although at first it didn't seem at all likely that anything would, well, you know, result, but eventually everyone....."

and so on, for several minutes.

What on earth? Instead of drifting off to sleep, we both became more incredulous, and fascinated, that someone could speak for this long without us becoming any the wiser regarding the subject matter.

"Thank you for that," said someone else; she appeared to know what this man was talking about. As the programme continued, we discovered it was all about cricket ("Stumped", BBC World Service) just before we fell asleep again. Nothing like a whole programme of cricket to induce golden slumbers.

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