Sunday 5 November 2017

Sunday 5th November - Fireworks

The fireworks have been going off all over the place for the last week or so. Of course Today is The Day and pretty much as soon as it was six o'clock the bangs and flashes and crackles and pops started up again.

I don't mind the fireworks - our cats don't seem to be worried by them - but these days I have no inclination to go and watch - Brr....

I remember the displays in Falmouth. We used to see the ones that were part of the Regatta week, so in mid summer rather than Winter. The fireworks were set off from a barge moored in the middle of the Carrick Roads, so there were all the spectacular reflections on the water as well as echoes from the hills around. We would gather in the bay window of the upstairs sitting room, and watch in warmth and comfort. One year the local radio station broadcast a musical accompaniment to the fireworks, which we recorded on cassette and listened to for years afterwards.

The other memorable fireworks night was here; I didn't go and watch the fireworks stayed at home, while the rest of the family walked into town for the fun and fireworks. They were in for a surprise when they came home - turning the corner into our road the first thing they saw was a fire engine, and the second thing was that it was parked outside our house!

This is what had happened;

When I switched on the washing machine, the drum had filled up with smoke instead of water. I managed to reach over and switch off the electricity, and then dialled 999. Very soon the firemen arrived and disconnected the still-smoking machine. They heaved it out of the tight corner in the kitchen, and lifted it out into the garden. Three firemen in all their gear certainly entirely filled the room!

Apart from the loss of the washing machine and all the clothes inside (kippered is the word) there was no other damage, and the firemen were just packing up as the children returned.

Ah, yes, memories.....

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