Wednesday 1 November 2017

Wednesday 1 st Nov - NaBloProMo

And the challenge begins; to put up a post every day in November!

November is beginning very well - games night with the offspring. Not sure what games we might play but that's not really the point - it is a convivial way of spending an amusing evening together.

Some time ago, can't remember when exactly, I had a go at propagating new Christmas Cacti from my original plant. This year I now have four, and they are all coming into flower. The ones in the kitchen are furthest along;

These are two of the newest little plantlets. I reckon the bud on the left will be in flower tomorrow. I can see why people get hooked on gardening - seeing new plants grow is very satisfying.

A bit like teaching. I've had a few "moments" this week (already!) - for example - one student understood an important part of piano technique, which has completely transformed her playing. Another has such enthusiasm for the piece she is learning that she has gone ahead and finished it of her own accord. That's especially pleasing in both cases, as they are playing pieces I learned at their age, and that my mother particularly loved and always asked me to play.

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