Monday 30 October 2017

Monday 30th October - Quaker Questions

November, any day now...

and the attempt to post something every day.

I'm stacking up a few posts ready for when I am out of inspiration or energy or time...

Meanwhile, as the nights are drawing in and the outside temperatures are falling, I leave you with three of the four "Quaker Questions" to ponder. I came across these years and years ago at a supper with some friends - they are sometimes used in the early meetings of church groups as a form of ice breaker.

From wikipedia

"Quakers use the term Query to refer to a question or series of questions used for reflection and in spiritual exercises.
Friends have used Queries as tools for offering spiritual challenges to the community for much of their history. Queries often take the form of a collection of themed questions that are read at the beginning of a time of worship or reflection.
Many yearly meetings maintain a set of basic queries in their books of Faith and Practice to provide guidance on certain issues over time. Individuals often offer queries from time to time to provide a spiritual challenge to their local community of Friends."

Anyway, here you go. The here are the first three; 

  1. Where did you live between the ages of 5 and 12, and what were the winters like?
  2. How was your home heated?
  3. What was the centre of warmth in your life when you were a child / Who was the centre of warmth in your life when you were a child?

and here's the fourth, if you want to give it some thought...

 When did God become a "warm" being to you, and how did that happen?

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