Friday 1 December 2017

Friday 1st December - The start of Advent Calendars

A crazy sort of day, Advent calendar-wise.

(I don't think I'm going to call them Advent calendars anymore. Christmas Countdowns would be more truthful. Advent doesn't start until Sunday, and they mostly, like mine, don't have anything to do with the Church side of the Season. I'm not complaining - I'm very happy to have Christmas Countdown Calendars full of Chocolate and surprises.)

The craziness was that I hadn't done anything about getting bits to go into the little drawers until today. So, while we were trawling round B & Q and Tescos and the local garden centre looking for a Christmas Tree, I took the opportunity to buy several boxes of delicacies that I hoped would fit into the little drawers.

It took me a while to fill all 24 drawers, and then we both opened number 1. Chocolate. A good start.

However I forgot to light any of my Christmas Countdown tea lights,

or my Christmas Countdown Candle.

Tomorrow is another day.

We also bought a tree  - artificial (!) -  and pre-lit (!!!!) - which the offspring assembled and plugged in today, 1st December (!!!!!!!). That must be the earliest ever.

Yes, I am shocked. (But it does make things so, so, easy....). I'll start decorating it properly next weekend.

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