Sunday 17 December 2017

Pause for Advent 3 - Luke chapters 3 to 21

I've read the bit from the 'Last Supper' to 'Jesus laid in the Tomb' several times now, in the King James version.

Now it is time to move back - this will be a marathon read - all the way from chapter 3, about John the Baptist, to the end of chapter 21. I might start a bit further back, where Jesus gets separated from his family in the temple during a visit to Jerusalem.

And I might read it in a modern translation - it will be about 4 chapters or so every day.

Maybe it will be a good idea to make a point of pausing with a cup of tea, (or a glass of wine!), light the advent candle and take time out to settle down for a Good Read.

We have the advantage of knowing how the story ends. Jesus' followers, at the time when he was here, could only follow, like sheep, not really understanding or knowing what he going to do, or where he was going next. I'm not great a surprises or suspense. I have been known to skip to the end of a book just to make sure it is going to all end happily.

I've just read in a literary blog about "mapping out a book" - marking all the locations where the action takes place on a map. What a brilliant idea - I found this map here

and I think I will print out a large copy and use it as a bookmark. I could do with working out what the scale is.

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