Wednesday 21 February 2018

Wednesday in February - The Teasmade

We bought this I dunnamany years ago, and hardly ever use it.

No, that's not true. I use it every morning and some evenings as a safe place to put my morning coffee or bedtime peppermint tea where it won't get knocked over or mixed up with my pillows.

But just every so often I use it for its real purpose; actually MAKING coffee, or tea. I'm always surprised that it still works... I found that it is best to run through some water first otherwise the tea appears with a surface layer of fine grey. It's an alarming process; the teasmade goes through its sequence of gurgling, puffing and dripping noises, always sounding very reluctant. Then after a series of loud 'pops' (why? how?) the water dribbles out into the cup.

'Teasmade days' are when I'm having a day in bed. Like today. Or rather, this week.

I took antibiotics for two weeks in January because I was properly lurgied, and thought they had done their work. However yesterday morning, while I was making my packed lunch it became abundantly clear that I was back to square one. I phoned the doctor, and he has signed me off.

To give the antibiotics their best chance of doing their stuff, I am staying in bed for most of the day. That effectively stops me from catching up on the laundry, planting out a tray of primulas, putting the kitchen waste into the compost bin, putting the recycling out, and a million other tasks.

No, me and the cat (the cat and I, if you prefer) anyway, us two, we are having a series of duvet days, with endless cups of tea from the teasmade, endless reading of books, endless browsing of internet, endless listening to radio...

Should be wonderful. Have to say that boredom could be setting  in anytime soon...

Ah well. The next cup of tea is ready to drink now. Pukka Wonderberry Green; "a deliciously sensual organic blend of luscious berries, spices and whole leaf green tea".

From the 'immune health' range; sounds terribly, terribly good for one. The previous cuppa was this;

The next will be this one.

Surely one of these concoctions (and the antibiotics) should do the trick?
PS I've tried the turmeric flavour; I don't think I'm ill or desperate enough to repeat the experience - yet.)

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