Monday 25 June 2018

Monday 25th June - Today...

Today he discovered the milk bottle lying on its side on the drive with a hole in the base. How did that get there? The hole, I mean. I know how the drive got there - several weeks of mudbath several years ago. And the milk bottle came from the milkman of course. But the hole?

Luckily we had enough left over for coffee and milk.

I watched a video tutorial on how to paint some leaves. "That looks possible" I thought. And it was surprisingly simple. You get the blotchy effect by sprinkling salt onto the wet leaves and leaving it to dry.

I had a home-grown, home-made lunch; lettuce and radishes from the garden

Home-made kefir cream cheese spread on sour-dough toast

We had bought some chocolates over the weekend, and they got left on their side in a bag in the sun all of Sunday. So today, when I lifted them out, they had completely melted. I put them in the fridge for an hour to set; Mess completely describes the appearance.

So we prised them out of the tray, and balanced bits of strawberry topping, rescued from the bottom of the packet, on top of what was left of the chocolates, and ate them.  Delicious. Eton completely describes them now.

It has been a blisteringly hot day.

 The cats move from one place to another, trying to find a cool place to sleep.

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