Sunday 10 June 2018

Sunday 10th June - Hubble, Bubble, Toil, Trouble

But in what order?

The week trundled through its usual procession of tightly-scheduled days reduced to chaos by lunchtime, or even before breakfast. However, we arrived at the weekend more or less intact...

Once I had finished teaching on Saturday morning, we decided to see the sea. As we zoomed south on the A23, the sun disappeared behind clouds and the Met prophesied 70% chance of rain by 2pm... clouds . So as we hit the roundabout at the beginning of Brighton we took a right instead of straight on, and headed homewards via Devil's Dyke and the A281.

Aha! At Henfield we discovered that it was their Arts and Gardens weekend - something that we've missed every year. It was only a few minutes to find a space in the Village Hall car park. Following the sound of clinking cups we found a hatch from whence came refreshments. A bacon and fried egg roll and cup of tea (Sweet Rhubarb, by Twinings - pleasant enough but not worth buying a boxful) and a few minutes studying the village map and we had a route planned.

A scale on the map might, nay, would have been useful, but on reflection the way out to the furthest edge seemed a lot shorter than the way back - maybe there was a percentage of spandex in the paper?

I didn't take pictures of the gardens, or of the Steam Mill (beside one of the gardens) but they were varied and interesting, ranging from substantial to generous to tiny, from paved to well stocked to tidy.

On the way back I was pleased to see the roof notorious/well-known Cat and Canary House;

recognisable by the metal cat on the roof line. I hadn't expected to see the actual cottage, but a little further on, we found the lane leading past it, so took some more photographs.

The cottage must be tiny - barely one room deep and maybe two or three long? YOU can read about it and also find a town train around Henfield here. I think we must go back and do the train sometime.

(The Britain Express website is a mine of interesting places...)

The sun came out while we were wandering round - it was hot and still and muggy. It was probably a mistake having wine (himself) and cider (myself) with our evening meal - we both felt most uneasy on Saturday night. For a while we wondered if he was going to have a return of labyrinthitus... oh no oh no oh no horrible thought.

But by Sunday morning, after rather a disturbed night - several trips to get another glass of water, and then someone kept driving round and round our road very slowly in a 4 x 4, and then the helicopter came along - I hope they found whoever they were looking for - we both woke up feeling Much Better.

He was taking a friend to visit another friend in hospital all afternoon.

Now for the Hubble Bubble bit;

I amused myself making yoghurt cake this afternoon. (OH MY WORD! That link will take you back to 2012! Have I been blogging that long!)

and yoghurt  oh, I told you this last month

and starting off  a sour dough starter (I love sour dough bread).

I had kimchi with my lunch, and I've set the next batch of kefir fermenting. Dee-licious!

Sunday has happened now, and soon, all too soon it will be Monday again...

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