Monday 16 July 2018

Monday 16th July - Trucking on towards the holidays

No milk delivered today, so we thought...

until I spotted an empty carton down by the back gate later this morning.

How did it get there? Foxes - are they thirsty? have they discovered a taste for milk? Or are they just messing about?

It took me a while to search a bucket that was deep enough to cover a 2 litre milk carton but I discovered this one in the garden. It dates back to the 1980s, as it is part of the fittings of our very dated kitchen!

I'm hoping that weighting it down with a half brick might be enough to keep the milk safe.

The weather is still HOT.

The cat spent the whole day crammed into this cardboard box. How could she be comfortable in there?  How could she not be sweltering in there?

I'm double booked for two book clubs tonight, as they have both moved their nights. I'm glad that I've baled out of both of them; he's come back pretty tired from putting up curtains in daughter's flat, a long hot drive and a long hot detour away (blue flashing lights at Bury Hill), and I have taught nine piano lessons and gone to the dress rehearsal of the school show. And watered the garden - about a dozen or so 7l buckets of water to fill at the sink and carry around the garden!

So we are half awake, half asleep in front of the television, grateful for a cool breeze wafting through the room. 

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