Sunday 5 August 2018

Saturday 4th August - In and Out of the Garden - 1



James-the-tree-surgeon and assistant have chopped, lopped and chain-sawed through all the vegetation. It was mostly ivy and brambles. Sadly the great soaring branches of the Mock Orange have all gone; the main stems are exactly in line with where the new fence will go.

My tender, fragile little white Japanese anenome is sheltering under an upturned green tub. I checked later, when all the thrashing around had ceased, and it was still there, just; I've watered it, and propped up the wilted flower stem, and replaced the shade-giving flowerpot.

James' new shredder made short work (haha) of most of the trimmings; hence the pile in the far left-hand-corner of the garden. But it was impossible to remove the ivy from the fence panels, and in the end he just sawed through the whole lot, ivy, panels, bits of plastic trellis, and piled them into the middle of the grass. I think they will have to be taken away and disposed of.

He'll be back on Monday evening...       

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