Friday 28 September 2018

Friday 28th September - 'My Day Off' as a list

My Friday as a list;

  1. Wake up (before the alarm, regrettably)
  2. Do a Suduko
  3. Rub it out because it went wrong
  4. Write up yesterday's diary entry with irritations assistance from the cat.
  5. Get dressed, take morning pills, discover I forgot last night's pills, never mind as that will save me sorting them out for tonight, shall I, shan't I shall I do my teeth? Oh all right then I will.
  6. Downstairs for breakfast
  7. Walk to the local school for Child Protection Training. All children are now safe from me.
  8. Walk home.
  9. Answer email queries about this and that
  10. Do on-line repeat prescription form
  11. Discuss schedule with Himself; shall we go out for lunch? End up staying in.
  12. Wash the patio door windows
  13. Do piano practice and admin.
  14. Chase parent about piano exam entry, make the entries including captured parent's child.
  15. Meanwhile He makes signature dishes of flakemeal shortbread and ginger biscuits. 
  16. Cook eggy bread, fried tomatoes, add some swiss chard from veg patch. Followed by tea and ginger biscuits


  • Gardening; dispose of old lettuce plants in compost bin. 
  • Stir up and refresh earth in lettuce tub, squishing scores of slugs eggs as I go.
  • Extract tubful of earth from the base of the compost bin, relabel lettuce tub as 'broad bean tub' and plant broad beans.
  • Chuck all the stuff that didn't end up composted - mostly tea bags and a few food labels, one ancient chicken bone.
  • Go upstairs and change all my clothes (on account of sitting in flowerbed in order to rummage in compost bin) 
  • Clean the bathroom basin as I filled it with earth from the garden when cleaning my nails
  • Fiddle with telephone, transferring music files
  • Install and test sound recorder on phone
  • Transfer more music files
  • Discover really bright idea for teaching James Bond Theme to beginner guitar class (shall I do this next week, or save for upcoming lesson observation? hmm)
  • Write this blog post
  • Do more piano practice because I need to get four sessions done before Monday to avoid shaming myself on the practice challenge chart at school
  • Go to the evening drumming workshop - I weighed my djembe on Thursday afternoon. One whole stone - more than 7kg. That explains a lot
Evening will probably be
  • Prep for tomorrow's teaching
  •  Enjoy the rest of my day of!!!!


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