Friday 5 October 2018

Thursday 4th October - the jay

It was misty this morning, for the first time since last Thursday.

Then, I had great wrestlings with the demister controls in the Corsa while trying to work the wiper controls and also rub the condensation off the inside of the windscreen. It was all rather hectic for a few minutes after I thought I'd got the windows clear enough to set off. 

This time, the mist turned out to be very fine rain, not wet enough for real precipitation, but too substantial for fog. Not wet enough for the wipers to be left alone to get on with their job without great groaning complaints, but I managed!

On the way back down the hill after a couple of hours of teaching, I saw a jay. Just a glimpse as the car was bucking along and most of my concentration was on the driving of it (the hill is steep and twisty with a lumpy road surface).

The jay was picking at something at the side of the road; I had just enough time to catch the lapis lazuli blue glow of the bars on its folded wings, and the glorious autumnal creamy red-russet-brown of the body.
It was a sudden vision of joy and pleasure.

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