Thursday 1 November 2018

1st November - NaBloProMo

Have I got those letters right?

I think it is called the National Blog Promotion Month when fools like me (and others) attempt to put up a moderately decent blog post every day. Easier to attempt than NaNoWri Mo - National Novel Writing Month, when one attempts to write a 50,000 novel (first draft, obviously!) in the month.

I thought a I might try using the book 'Year of Wonder' by Clemency Burton-Hill - a piece of classical music for every day of the year - as a theme.

YEAR OF WONDER: Classical Music for Every Day

So, I turned to today's page (noting that the book mark was stranded back in March, which must be the last time I opened the book).

Symphony no.9 in D minor ('Choral'), 4th Movement 'Presto', by Beethoven. 

I have it playing as I type.

'It was on this day in 1993 that the Maastricht Treaty came into effect, marking the founding of the European Union' writes Clemency. ' A fitting day, then, to hear the iconic music on which the EU's official anthem is based.'

The book is copyright 2017. Brexit must have been already looming back then.

Moving swiftly on... this blog is not the place for any kind of Brexitism, for or against. My views are clear enough on Facebook, and I just keep my head down and mouth shut on Twitter. 

I am taking time between typing these words to stare out of our sitting room window. The late afternoon sun is catching the tops of the trees, and the edges of the clouds. The actual view is of suburbia - I long, no, yearn,  for views across valleys towards hills, or looking out over an ever-changing sea. Oh well. Our morning and evening skies are still pretty spectacular. You just have to edit out the houses, and telegraph poles, street lights and so forth.

The trick is to look for the Freude elements and not be too picky about the rest.

The first week of teaching after half term started gently - I had school inset days on Monday and Tuesday, and various people have been ill, or couldn't come as the week went on. Even so, I was ready to go to sleep at half past eight last night. We are going to the theatre tonight (Alan Bennet's 'Hallelujah') and I really don't want to sleep through it!


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