Saturday 17 November 2018

Saturday 17th November - Villa-Lobos

Apart from putting up the music for the day, and showing you the Christmas Cactus, there isn't much to post today.

Here's the cactus - I never know if it is going to be a Christmas cactus or an Easter cactus. I spotted these flowers, on the side of the plant nearest the window, this morning. He told me they it had been in flower for several days - how did I miss it?

I've moved them onto the kitchen windowsill so that I keep an eye on it.

I've done some more to the patterned scarf, finishing off the birds, adding a pattern, and a row of Christmas Trees.

And now for The Music. When I was at University I played this, with seven other cellists and someone called Jenny, I think, singing the Aria. (I was cello number 8, and that was quite tricky enough for me.)

(Another favourite of mine is 'The Little Train of the Caipera, the last movement of Bachianas Brasilieras no 2, here performed by the National Children's Orchestra of Great Britain - be amazed; the children have to be under 14 years old. If you look some of them are playing half-size instruments!) 

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