Thursday, 8 November 2018

Thursday 8th November - Thinks

I've reached a pause in the teaching schedule - I have Friday mornings off (I'm helping a colleague on Friday afternoons at the moment.) I've stopped all thinking for the moment... but the moment can't last too long. Too much to do. 

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Now then. The Music of the Day
Piano Quintet in F minor M.7 by Cesar Franck, First Movement

I haven't listened to it yet, but must get round to it; Saint-Saens, a good friend of Franck, and the dedicatee, played the piano in the first performance, and, according to the 'Year of Wonder' book, stormed out at the end. The problem was that both Franck and Saint-Saens were passionately in love with Augusta Holmes, and apparently the music speaks volumes about Franck's feelings for her.

I'm thoroughly enjoying the book club choice for this month, 'The Keeper of Lost Things' by Ruth Hogan. Every so often I think 'this is getting a bit too chic-lit and lite-romance', and then there is a sharply observed or thought-provoking paragraph and I'm hooked back in.

I was nearly too scared to buy it; it was top of the amazon 'paranormal ghost romance' category and I'm not good at certain types of spookiness and hauntings. So far this book hasn't exceeded the boundaries of what I can go to sleep after, if you see what I mean. I prefer NOT to dream of anything at all when I am asleep.


I was supposed to have a personal appraisal and lesson observation done to me today. In the event it has been postponed. I wasn't too happy when I found out, this morning, but after I had finished teaching the lesson-to-be-observed I was rather relieved. Nothing desperate happened - it was just all a bit stodgy and lacking in sparkle. I teach two classes, one after another, and the first lesson is usually more - what's the word? - Sparkly, probably! There's more energy, liveliness, progress, activity going on. The second class always feels more like work, and I wasn't able to get through all the activities on my plan. I've now got time to rethink before the new date in a few week's time.

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