Thursday, 8 November 2018

Wednesday 7th November - let's rethink...

I reckon a post a day is not going to happen. So I'm just going to compromise on getting 30 posts out in the month of November.

The Year of Wonder Music is yet another unknown for me; Le Nuit et L'Amour by Augusta Holmes, a French composer who studied with Franck, and seemed to have a Cleopatra-like effect on the artistic community of the time. Anyway, the wives hated her, by the sound of things, and with good reason. (Check out wikipedia)

This piece of music is of the ravishing romantic style, without the Germanic Stolidity that I associate with Richard Strauss and Wagner.

The youtube has this glorious picture with it; 'End of Winter' by Leonid Afremov. You can buy it! It is reduced to $550 or so for the next few hours.... His website looks interesting. I like scrolling over the picture.

Image result for leonid afremov end of winter

So, why didn't I post last night? Well, now that I have compressed my teaching schedule into four and a half days, and most of it into Mon/Tue/Wed, posting on Wednesdays is going to be very hit-and-miss. After interacting with 35 individual pupils and a whole class of year 3 children equipped with full-size guitars (they should be using half or quarter size) I'm not in a state to read, write, talk, watch, listen or do! Which is fine, as long as I am allowed to be in that semi-catatonic state for most of the evening!

I did go out later in the evening for my regular meeting with a couple of friends for tea and cake and gentle chit chat. We sat round; I'm doing some simple Christmas sewing, and the other two are hand-making Christmas Cards, and we have a very pleasant evening together.

Any other news? No. Any adventures? No. That's how I like it. 


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