Friday 4 January 2019

Friday 4th January - Hi Ho, Hi Ho

It's off to work we go.....

with a box of chocolates to share with my colleagues at a training day all about the new electronic keyboard syllabus

no, not that one, this sort

I'm still not convinced that they are such a beautiful musical instrument. When the guy started playing a Beethoven slow movement with extra strings, gentle drum beat, and other special effects, my first and only thought was 'please, no, make it stop'. But they are a good, cheap, useful instrument to learn. At least I don't have any keyboard pupils. (yet).

Before I went to work, we completed the next phase of un-Christmas-ing the house. Remember the before and after pictures from yesterday?

We decided the easiest way of getting the tree out of the house was to dismember it, removing several large tubs of branches first.



Pretty much gone.

I've never had a tree shed so many needles before. Because of the saga regarding the artificial tree (still can't find the power pack) we bought the real tree relatively close to Christmas. We have a super-duper ultra clever tree clamp and water reservoir contraption -  having laboriously filled it with water one everything was in position, we discovered that the tree had failed to use any, even though we had removed several inches from the base. It had obviously been hanging around at the garden centre for too long.   

Never mind - it lasted long enough.

We've still got strings of lights and cards and other decorations scattered around the room - but there's tomorrow evening, and anything left after twelfth night can stay until Candlemas.

The room looks much lighter without the tree. It took MacCavity maybe thirty seconds to emerge from her secret place under the harpsichord and reclaim her spot on the corner of the chest. Leo remained curled up on her chair at the other end of the room. 'There is no tree. Nothing is happening.' and as a last resort, like the owl in 'The Sword in the Stone'....'There is no cat.'  It is evening now, and I think she may Still be on the chair...

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