Thursday 3 January 2019

Thursday 3rd January 2019 - The Beginning - The End

Spot the difference? Early Afternoon

Late Afternoon

Removing lametta from the tree, strand by strand is a nearly mindless task, accompanied by the steady rattle of pine needles falling from the branches, and the occasional clatter of a bauble dropping to the floor...

It is at this time of the Christmas holiday that I say 'never again' to lametta...

I've only a couple of half-days left to clear everything away; Friday morning, before I go to a training session, Saturday afternoon after teaching, and then I'm out of time. I'm pondering keeping the lights strung up round the walls until Candlemas, 2nd February. It has been so lovely coming home in the evening to see the lights and tree shining in the bay window, lighting up the dark afternoons.

Preparations for work are well in hand - I must have sent out twenty or thirty assorted emails to parents, schools and the Music Services office. So far, I have only discovered on minor error; sendng the wrong invoice to the wrong parent. That's not bad for me - administration really isn't my forte. Not even a mezzo-piano. (haha. that's a joke).

I'm quite looking forward to getting back in the groove again (remind me of this statement closer to half term). I said as much to a friend yesterday. 'I am so relived, I was worrying that you were beginning to really dislike teaching back in December.'  Well, she was right - by the time I get to the end of term I am truly ready for a break! Which is why all teachers NEED their half terms and holidays; if only to protect all those poor little defenceless children...

Ah well; this year has gone well so far and - hope it continues like this for all of us. 

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