Wednesday 10 April 2019

Saturday 6th April - Havant and Bosham

I promised a post about Havant and Bosham;

On Saturday we went to Havant for a complicated reason involving a prior appointment made by one of the offspring. I was up for the trip anyway because of a shop called 'My Yarnery'. Oh Wow. That was fun, and not toooo expensive.

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Adriafil Kimera
Who could resist a yarn that knits up like this;

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Adriafil Knitcol

I couldn't.

                          Or this?


Exactly. So I bought a couple of balls of each.


I've no idea what the rest of the family did in Havant - it looks a pleasant enough place. I just stayed in the wool shop.

The question was what to do with the afternoon - a quick look at the map made it clear that Bosham, and more importantly, The Anchor Bleu for lunch - was a Good Idea.

The tide was high when we got there; there is a road that runs below the wall right round to the far end of the harbour - park there at your own risk!

I was standing at the bottom of the slip way on the double yellow lines, in the dry, when I took the picture above, but hastily stepped back before my shoes were salted. If you look at the front doors along the road you can see that high tides have always been something for the householders to keep an eye on.

Himself and I ordered whitebait - they don't cover them in batter at The Anchor Bleu so what you get is a plate of little fishes. Daughter ordered them too, not exactly sure what to expect - her face was a picture of bland as she looked at the fishies and they looked at her. There are good there - boneless and fishy and delicious... not to mention sticky toffee pudding and custard afterwards...

I spent an hour in a cafe having a cup of tea and trying to work out how to crochet a granny square while the others walked about, visited the church (King Canute's daughter is buried there, and the church appears on the Bayeau Tapestry)

Image result for bosham church
My first attempts at crochet reminded me of those diagrams of what happens when you give spiders caffeine before they spin their webs

Image result for spiders on LSD
 I didn't progress much beyond this stage for several days. A proper Granny Square like this

Image result for granny square
remains a dream...

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