Monday 8 April 2019

Monday 8th April - First day of Easter Holidays

Since my last teaching day was Thursday, one might suppose the holidays to have started on Friday.

But we went to the dentist on Friday. I hardly think of that as an enjoyable holiday activity. Although there were pluses; no fillings, no replacement crowns, no root canal treatments. And they have started using slightly warm water in that ferocious hurty thing they use to descale one's teeth, which upgrades the experience from painful and unpleasant, to merely unpleasant with the occasional bit of 'youch!'.

Anyway, it is nice to have clean shiny teeth again; tea, or coffee, or possibly some of the tablets I take, make my teeth definitely browner over time.

The offspring were here - as I have said before, dentist time is family-get-together-time as we all roll up for one super-long appointment shared between us.

BB and Daughter and I are all a bit droopy and lacking in energy after long working hours, or too much teaching, or getting over a properly horrible cold. So there was a fair old bit of sitting around in shared book-reading or DS playing or knitting, depending on one's inclination. We did go out on Saturday, and a post about that trip will follow soon.

The dentist was one reason for the weekend reunion - the other was a belated birthday celebration, a belated Mothering Sunday celebration, and an early birthday celebration, one each for three of us. Daughter will have to wait her turn for a few months.

Today feels more like the holidays; because it is a Monday, and I'm still in my dressing gown and not teaching anyone... Second cup of coffee? What a good idea. 


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