Wednesday 3 April 2019

Wednesday 3rd April - That cat again

that cat, the one that can be in two places at once, chose the wrong place this morning as far as I am concerned.

My fault really, for not closing the bathroom door properly. But I wish she'd make her appearance BEFORE I filled the tub and got in.

She has taken to perching, slightly wobbling, in narrow places; the arm of the settee (broad and covered in fabric), the arm of the leather armchair (narrower, and NOT to have claws stuck into it), the corner of the computer table (arranging her paws around whatever has been left there) and, most irritatingly, the edge of the bath (very narrow, very slippery).

I tried sprinkled a few drips on her head a couple of times, and it seems she likes the taste of warm soapy water judging by the way she licked it off her nose as the drops ran down her face. Finally I lost patience and sloshed a couple of handfuls of water on her, making the bathmat a bit soggy in the process.

She settled down to wash it all off.

I gave up on enjoying a leisurely soak.

We have had cats in the past who used to fall in the bath from time to time.

Hardy tried to walk across a load of washing that was soaking in the bath (back in the days before we had a washing machine). He starting sinking half way across and jumped out, only wet as far as his legs, but we rectified that when we washing the washing powder off. We always thought he was a bit 'dim'.

Another fell in when there was only an inch of water in the bath, but got into such a panic that she had comprehensively saturated every hair on her body, and then ran all over the house several times (still in a panic) before we could catch and dry her. That was Laurel.

We were told to give one of the cats (Laurel again) a bath by a vet, to rid it of a mite infection. When he saw the look on our faces he took back the shampoo and handed over some powder instead. 

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